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Academic miscellany 2

March 31, 2005


Seeing that we’re in exam crunch now and I spend the vast majority of my time in various libraries and study rooms, all my stories for the next three weeks will pertain to a small, fixed group of people and will take place in a windowless ugly building in the Jane-Finch area.For example….Today J and […]

Undergarments and miscellany

March 30, 2005


Today I during a class break went up to the front and spoke to the professor. While I was up there I noticed that she has no eyebrows and instead she has auburn eyebrow-shaped lines drawn on. I may have stared a bit and trailed off in my question.Class resumed, and seated next to me […]

crime is sexy

March 24, 2005


Right now I’m in Sexual Offences. Today this involved browsing through various registries of sexual offenders in various places. We all got super excited and were yelling “Show us one with a picture!” “come on, one more!” The professor eventually said…”OK, I think we’re getting a little voyeuristic here. OK….It is addictive. Maybe one more.”I […]

Politics and precipitation

March 24, 2005


Today I went to see Norman Finkelstein speak at the University of Toronto. I was all psyched and prepared to hear all my views validated and reinforced. However, the guy was shite. He spoke for two hours and made maybe five minutes’ worth of valid points – the rest was all ad hominem attacks, self-aggrandizement, […]

the last saturday night out…hopefully

March 20, 2005


Last night I went downtown for my friend H’s birthday. I got off the subway and found myself on the sidewalk with two bunches of guys who were on the same train as me. We all stood around trying to figure out with way was north and trying to extract clues from various signs and […]


March 19, 2005


A and I are in the elevator with a third unknown person.Me: you’re wearing leather shoes!A: mmm…Leather. Whether. Tether.Me: feather?A: Nice. Pleather.S: it’s at this point that other people start to get alarmed and move away from us, you know.A: yeah, she’s probably thinking “They really are terrorists! They’re speaking in their ‘ether’ code!”We get […]

J’s legs bid a final farewell

March 15, 2005


My roommate is converting to Judaism. I know, I know. Grounds for a sitcom right here. But it’s just too much effort to be intolerant, you know?Anyway so she’s getting all her pants converted into skirts. That hardcore. The method by which she proposes to do this is by inserting a large triangle of fabric […]