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I hate May sweeps!

May 3, 2007


Does it make sense to have all shows begin in the fall and end in the spring? WHAT ARE KIDS SUPPOSED TO WATCH ON SUMMER VACATIONS! I’ve always found this to be the single stupidest thing Americans have done (after getting involved in a land war in Asia). Thank God they’re staggering the shows a […]

March 18, 2007


Grey’s Anatomy + PMS + tiredness + even more constipation than the norm = Much greater irrationality than usual.

January 25, 2007


I look really hot today, very Shirley Schmidt from Boston Legal – only obviously minus 40 years and plus pigmentation and curls. So, actually, focus on her outfits, particularly the necklaces. I only post this here to remind myself of my youthful bloom and vigour when it’s gone. Also, must remember get my boot re–heeled.

"The Saudis couldn’t find a moon unless there was oil spurting out of it!"

January 17, 2007


Have just watched the first episode of the hit Canadian show “Little Mosque on the Prairie.” A show is a hit in Canada if it attracts more than 1 million viewers, which apparently is close behind the hockey. So, wow, actually! As you might imagine it’s about a mosque, in the…guess!…prairie. A bunch of Muslims […]

Quaint little Me-isms

April 5, 2006


My favourite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy, a medical show (obviously). It’s the good stuff. Each episode is profoundly satisfying, and I know a lot of other people (girls) who feel that way too. I love is so much that I refuse to sully it with commercial breaks; instead of watching it on Sunday nights […]

Betrayal by pop culture

March 28, 2006


Take-home exams are freaking torture. How is it not nightmare material for an exam not to stop – for two days? And you actually have to run for fifteen minutes to hand it in instead of just raising your hand? It’s an abuse, psychological warfare at its best. So I took a food and TV-watching […]

The W is always right…

February 9, 2005


Just watching the “Friends” episode with Dermot Mulroney. I’ve never really felt him, but having had W (dear friend whose gender is the only impediment to a long and happy marriage with me) wax lyrical in his praise, I am inevitably now forced to concede: yes, he is breathtakingly bootylicious. I’m not a fan of […]