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One million signatures for a law against sexual harassment

April 22, 2008


يطلق المركز المصري لحقوق المرأة حملة واسعة من أجل قانون يحمي النساء من التحرش الجنسي . تعد حملة ” المليون توقيع لسن قانون يجرم التحرش الجنسي” جزءاً من حملة أكبر هي حملة شارع آمن للجميع التي بدأت عام 2005 استجابة للعديد من الشكاوى من نساء مصريات وأجنبيات يتعرضن للتحرش.الجنسي في الشارع المصري…. تضامن معنا لكي […]

Building barriers

November 26, 2007


***Update: In the interests of clarity I asked around and it transpires that in Egypt, unlike in jurisdictions with which I am more familiar, the Constitution itself does apply to private actors. Article 40 of the Egyptian Constitution states: All citizens are equal before the law. They have equal public rights and duties without discrimination […]

El avocato

October 9, 2007


I recently came a step closer to accepting my fate as an Egyptian corporate lawyer by ordering for myself my own full set of laws – although to appease my conscience I also bought all the criminal laws and personal status laws (which are family law essentially). These are cheap blue volumes published by Al […]

Boring Law Stuff Part II – Women’s rights under Egyptian Law

August 13, 2007


Criminal Law – continuedThe law punishes a person who causes a woman to miscarry by violent or other means with a sentence ranging from 3 to 15 years. However, it does not punish an attempt to cause a miscarriage. IMPROVEMENTSIn 1998 Parliament struck down the clause of the criminal code that stipulated that convictions of […]

Sunday Single No. 1

August 12, 2007


I hate to admit this, but I don’t actually hate working on financing documents (loans, mortgages etc).

Boring Law Stuff Part I – Women’s rights under Egyptian law

August 9, 2007


I thought I’d just write a little something about discrimination against women under Egyptian law. Sometimes I take an interest in my career. Article 8 of the Egyptian constitution states: “The State undertakes to provide equality of opportunity for all citizens”. A tough requirement – it’s left over socialist stuff. Luckily the constitution goes by […]

Lawyer quits well-paying job because of poor internet access

November 19, 2006


Not yet, but I effing hate my job. I have absolutely no reason to do so, but I still do. Should I quit? Not before I find out if they’ve hired someone else in my old job, right? Or should I give this one more of a chance before I look about? Here’s what I‘m […]