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I have been given a sign

April 4, 2008


I spent three years working on my law school’s newspaper (I have posted the occasional article), and recently they put out an 80th anniversary issue where they gathered momentous (or so I vainly assume) pieces from the 1920s through to now, and they included TWO of mine! Leaders of Canadian political parties were passed over […]

Don’t kill me but…

February 22, 2007


…I miss Canada a wee bit.

"Basically – I meant the rule of law!"

December 20, 2006


“Why wouldn’t he move to Toronto? It’s clean and nothing ever gets shoved up your ass…there are lots of good things about Canada!” – said by M earlier today. I laughed out loud. When one lists freedom from anal rape as one of the top two things about a country, it’s probably more of a […]

Oh, Kanaka!

December 2, 2006


I have a friend who manages to, outstandingly enough, combine being an Egyptian se3eedi and a Canadian newfie (from Newfoundland – the se3eed of Canada). In addition, he works at the Canadian embassy here in some sort of military capacity, a state of affairs that engenders much derision. Um…I forgot where I was going with […]

Teenagers Learning Conformism

November 25, 2006


M told me that at his high school in Canada, TLC’s Waterfalls was used as a motivational song during assemblies and whatnot. Yes, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to,” was deemed an appropriate sentiment to guide teenagers through their formative years and to serve as […]

Farewell Frankie styles

June 16, 2006


Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today.Don’t want to be a part of it. North York, North York!I’m done with Downsview, 196A,Osgoode’s the very heart of it, North York, North York!I want to wake up far away from wind tunnels and bleak!To find I’m king of the firm, top of Bay Street!These Jane-and-Finch blues, are […]

Bright-eyed pessimism

June 15, 2006


Yesterday M and I were discussing my impending departure and plans thereafter.M: Either I’ll get that thing I applied for in Egypt and we’ll meet up there, or something will happen to make you come running back. Maybe a mild beating by the police in a protest…Me: You want me to come back here as […]