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August 31, 2005


I was at the pool again today. This was actually quite a cheerful endeavour since there seemed to be a fair number of females with jiggling mountains of fat which both mesmerized me and placed me in an attractive light.To my right was this youngish Kuwaiti guy who surprisingly enough had brought along a bottle […]

Do not play with your peepee!

August 29, 2005


What I want to know is, how come it is generally accepted (particularly in this part of the world) for men to just fondle their genitals and adjust them in public? I got pizza delivered and while he was waiting for change the delivery guy saw fit to instigate massive alterations Down There. Like he […]

Push and Pull

August 28, 2005


I’ve just been browsing some other blogs and it occurs to me that no one else’s blog is as exclusively about their extremely tame little life as mine is. Bitter little diatribes against socio-political phenomena seem to be popular. Whereas I, in a supreme act of sacrifice to my dear readers, have not even mentioned […]

Winding down…

August 27, 2005


I was in Cairo, Egypt for June, July and part of August, and that’s why I haven’t been blogging. Living in Cairo demands all of a person’s skills and endurance and leaves no time for idle Western-style fiddling with media. There’s not much energy for introspective, or even humourous, thought. That and everyone who reads […]