Politics and precipitation

Posted on March 24, 2005


Today I went to see Norman Finkelstein speak at the University of Toronto. I was all psyched and prepared to hear all my views validated and reinforced. However, the guy was shite. He spoke for two hours and made maybe five minutes’ worth of valid points – the rest was all ad hominem attacks, self-aggrandizement, rehearsed jokes and borderline anti-Semitism. Subtlety, dignity and logical argumentation are not his strong points; he’s really just a liability to the cause. I’m really glad the 24,000 or more dollars my parents have spent on my legal training have paid off, though. I really think I can tell logic more clearly.
Halfway through I was seized with the need to pee, badly. The auditorium was packed to the brim with people and I was near the front. I took my courage in my hands and stood up, instantly directing 200 eyes to my person. As I made my way to the farthest possible exit, I must have stepped on at least 4 people. On the plus side though, U of T bathrooms are nice. I made my way back, stepping on more people sitting on the stairs and incurring the added risk of falling head over stilettos with a thump and flailing of limbs.
There were cops there. It was scary.
It was also bleeding snowing. For the love! I just wanna leave. Just – go. There’s no reason why I should look like I’m covered in dandruff near the end of March. Where is this global warming? I’m going to buy an SUV right now.

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