Academic miscellany 2

Posted on March 31, 2005


Seeing that we’re in exam crunch now and I spend the vast majority of my time in various libraries and study rooms, all my stories for the next three weeks will pertain to a small, fixed group of people and will take place in a windowless ugly building in the Jane-Finch area.
For example….Today J and P (of cannibalism fame) and I are sitting around ostensibly studying when P says “You know I was talking to D the other day, and we were wondering how much these chairs cost.” We speculated for a while but of course, computer whores that we, are someone went on to the company website and found out. 400 dollars! We ARE in the right field then if this is the kind of money alumni donate!
Of course after that J whipped out his video game controller that he apparently always keeps in his bag and played some NHL thing. When people asked why he had it – it’s not quite a necessity to the study of law in libraries during exam time – P said: would you go into the woods without a Swiss army knife?
I think we’re turning into some species of gnome, feeding solely on coffee and bounty bars.

As J just pointed out…during exam time it doesn’t take much to make me stop what I’m doing and write some unfunny shit like this down.

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