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Medical freakdom confirmed

November 29, 2005


I went to the dentist for a check up today. It turns out that, lo, I am indeed a medical marvel. Not only did he say “They were really really really hard to get out,” several times, he confessed that he had to take out a huge amount of bone and nearly fractured my jaw. […]

Agony update

November 24, 2005


So, I’ve embraced the pain now. It’s a friend. I’ve found that when it’s freezing cold outside out of politeness and solidarity the pain recedes. Also during carnal activities. But out of sheer perversity, I’ve eaten half a tube of Lays potato chips, just to show it who’s boss. I can do that pain thing […]


November 22, 2005


On Friday I took out my wisdom teeth, and my face has been deflating slowly ever since. It was so marvelous an operation, due to my freakishly misplaced teeth, that there were spectators, who examined me with unabashed curiosity. I have to say though…that deep sedation was a wonderful thing. It was literally like I […]

Family Court II

November 15, 2005


I’m in administrative law class right now. It has been determined that this is in fact the best time to blog. It’s at night, it’s dangerously boring (I need the blogging to keep my heart rate up) and blogging looks like taking notes to my neighbours – the coloured moving shapes from the games I […]

November 13, 2005


Last night I collected my first lawyer fee ever. A flirtatious Kenyan taxi driver gave me $1.25 extra change for some drunken advice regarding immigration. Take that, Law Society of Upper Canada! I flout your rules! (not really…don’t hate me)

November 8, 2005


Yesterday as I was in the elevator I said to the (completely unknown) guy in there with me, “Can I ask you an offensively personal question?”“Go right ahead.”“Does the doo rag…represent anything?”“It doesn’t represent anything, it just keeps my head flat.”Huh? Did he mean hair? I will never know now. He got out too quick.

November 8, 2005


As the vengeful gods would have it, in administrative law class this evening we solved a whole freaking two hour question about Canada geese. We were looking at whether it showed bias if a judge made comments after an environmental protection hearing that geese were “noisy and dirty”.“I think he’s biased against geese. Those were […]

Sinking lower

November 1, 2005


On Monday mornings I volunteer at family court. I have so far avoided blogging about this for confidentiality reasons and because there’s nothing funny about poverty and desperation, and dammit I did really become a lawyer to help people. Anyway it involves sitting in a small booth and helping people who can’t afford a lawyer […]