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Lists and parentheses

June 25, 2008


There are two advantages to being an Egyptian woman, as opposed to an Egyptian man: No compulsory military service. I can think of nothing that I would not do to avoid that, short of self-mutilation. I’ve heard some good tales regarding avoiding conscription from the men of my acquaintance: alleging homosexuality; purchasing African passports; sham-marrying […]

December 18, 2007


I’ve been super busy at work for the last while, although plenty of bloggable stuff has happened. Or least what I consider to be bloggable, since it seems I am self-indulgent. This is probable, but at least I don’t burden the internet (or subscribers) with my FEELINGS much like some writers. I’m off to Kuwait […]

The globe trotters

September 23, 2007


E and I want to go on vacation during the last few days of December and over New Year’s – but we don’t know where to go. We want someplace that won’t be snowy. Or icy. Does anyone have any suggestions for what wouldn’t be freezing that time of year? If you can think of […]

Is there no word for male "harem"?

September 11, 2007


I’m trying to think of something to write about the Sharm trip, but I was bound by the Code of Geographical Silence so many times that it’s safe to say they weren’t kidding. No one got laid. we all got pretty good sleep, danced and drank a good amount, ate a sick amount, laughed a […]

On the saving of daylight and seats

September 6, 2007


So I’m off to Sharm El Sheikh tonight. This promises to be a veritable fount of hilarity because I am going with not one, not two, but FIVE male friends. No girls could make it for one reason or another, so I’m gearing up for appearing to the various authorities and bus drivers as a […]

Several foggy days in London town

August 30, 2007


I’m back! All refreshed and energized. It’s nice to come back to a country where summer is actually underway, but I really love London! It really is the pinnacle of cities, especially for a history geek like me. Especially compared to North American cities – I don’t know why the first whiteys didn’t turn back […]

The colonial subject goes to the Motherland

August 16, 2007


I’m off to London for eight days tomorrow, and I’m super excited! Having been brought up to revere anything and everything British, I’m amazed it’s taken me so long to get to England. My parents had been a few times before we were born, and only once showed any interest in taking the Tweet and […]

Dubai Catchphrases II: "Pimping"

June 13, 2007


You have to say it in an Indian accent. Not because Dubai is full of Indians – I found less of them than I had been told there were – but because I had watched Russell Peter saying it on Youtube the day before I left for Dubai, and it stuck, even though I find […]

Dubai Catchphrases I: "Psyche" and "Son"

June 10, 2007


I don’t think I have ever asked for permission to blog about anyone as many times as I asked International Playboy. This is a friend of E and I’s who lives in Dubai – for now. In summary, he is cool enough to have actually partied – and been photographed with – Steven Tyler, but […]

Things that go rawr-zeeeeek in the night

June 4, 2007


I shared E’s double bed while I was in Dubai, causing her house-mates and our friend International Playboy to indulge in dutiful eyebrow-raisings and sniggers. I am sure I.P. is not even the least titillated by the idea, but feels that it is his masculine duty to acknowledge that it’s supposed to be hot.In the […]