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The Soup

February 28, 2006


Like all Egyptian persons, I can’t eat soup of any description without lemon juice in it. I had thought this was a worldwide phenomenon till I moved here and found that people were content to eat fatty concoctions that slipped blandly down their throats. I have not abandoned my quest, however. Every time I purchase […]

By popular demand…the consulate blog

February 22, 2006


Some time ago, when I was psyching out trying to maneuver through the immigration process, I decided to investigate that path taken by many shady Egyptians before me: obtaining a new, stamp-free passport by fraudulent means. After much internet searching, I managed to locate the number of the Egyptian consulate in Montréal. Why Montréal, you […]


February 17, 2006


One of the biggest problems with living in the ghetto is that the City does not bother to clear the sidewalks of ice and snow (mayhap to incapacitate potential criminals). The result of this is that the length and breadth of North York there is not one person who can walk around while looking ahead […]

February 17, 2006


In class today we have a speaker who is lecturing us about racism and immigration. Across the table from her is an Egyptian guy. WHENEVER she mentions the word “terrorist” she follows it with a caveat that she “isn’t looking at him”. We wouldn’t even have noticed if she hadn’t kept saying it and now […]

the artistic blog…sort of

February 14, 2006


No love for the serious stuff? Fine! Let the hideous miscarriages of justice continue…I’ll just carry on writing fluffy shit. But first, a transparent plea for sympathy…I failed my driving test for the second time today. It already saddens me that I suck at absolutely everything (yes, I do, don’t contradict me) but it is […]

the indicated "More"

February 9, 2006


I’ve basically been spending my time at this office doing bitchwork. Compiling books of cases for court submissions, reading cases. Although I did prepare a few submissions, and apparently most students would give a limb to be able to make notes on a case that had a small chance of being mentioned in submissions to […]

Happy Birthday to Blog!

February 7, 2006


Would have posted this sooner but the site was down on the actual birthday. How Murphy-like. I totally miss blogging. I yearn after it. But it seems like employment takes up all one’s time and makes you seriously disinclined to do anything non-compulsory when you get home. And they’re not even paying me!This immigration and […]

Update part 1

February 5, 2006


You’re probably wondering where I’ve been. Actually I have been doing much more than usual, but the real reason for the no blogging is that my urge for approval has been satisfied with My First Ever Piece of Fan Mail. Well, not counting blog fans. This was a fan of my school newspaper column, someone […]