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Calgary I

April 27, 2006


Calgary is a lot nicer when it’s not winter. Last time I came here I was begging for God to take me, now! I had obviously incurred His displeasure by being subjected to that subhuman level of frigidity so why not finish me off? But now the weather is actually nicer than it is in […]


April 20, 2006


TIS DONE! I have loosed the shackles of the law from my wrists. All Hail the Bachelor of Laws!

April 20, 2006


I am typing away deliriously in the library, on this, the last day of my academic career. Sometime between yesterday and today I have developed an allergy to dust, and so the library is NOT the place to be. I have so much used Kleenex around me it’s like I’m typing in a snowbank.A side […]

Polling All

April 19, 2006


A certain ForsoothBoyfriend has insinuated that the funniness of my posts has diminished lately. I said Hey! Fuck you! and stuff but maybe it’s true. What say you?

Let Garlic Prevail!

April 19, 2006


Have just returned from a quick trot over to York’s respected Middle Eastern eatery, the redundantly named Falafel Hut Village. While I waited for my shawerma I engaged the proprietor in a topic of some concern to me, the superiority of garlic paste over tehina as a chicken shawerma topping. He related to me the […]

Boobs, original and fake

April 19, 2006


Instead of working on my final essay today, I went shopping with my roommate. A more inappropriate course of action cannot be imagined, since both of us are pressed for time and she is as poor as a church mouse (and owes me money). In one store, I tried on this drapey silver top with […]

The last law school anecdote

April 18, 2006


Law school ends in three days. And to celebrate that I will relate yet another incident of in-class clowning – the last one ever. Tear.Last year I took estate law. You know, wills, that sort of thing. I showed up to the first day of class at the astonishingly inhumane hour of 8:30 am. The […]