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I love Australia!

March 17, 2007


I’ve been talking about moving to Australia for a while, since it combines both good weather and a western lifestyle (and hey, I can deal with a little anti-Arab sentiment for that!) Today my cousin told me that they have Working Holiday Visas there! You get this visa to go bum around there and do […]

Further triumph

May 19, 2006


Today I had my first experience of the ease of citizen life. I went to apply for a passport, and was in and out of there in 15 minutes. It was rigidly organized, no one asked me for any reasons why I wanted my passport expedited, and no one eyed me askance. The building was […]


May 18, 2006


OK. Feel better. Yel3an abo ommo. Yesterday I swore the oath of Canadian citizenship. I am overjoyed and relieved…and now I can take said bounty and promptly leave Canada. I am frankly surprised it went off without a hitch, given my OUTSTANDING bad luck and the fact that I had lost a critical piece of […]

Huddled masses yearning to litter freely

April 15, 2006


It speaks volumes for the ghetto-ness of my building that today I found a notice stuck in my door detailing “balcony etiquette”, now that balcony season is upon us. It included instructions about not throwing cigarette butts, water, garbage and bottles out the balcony, and not shaking carpets or brooms off. God, I thought. Freaking […]

By popular demand…the consulate blog

February 22, 2006


Some time ago, when I was psyching out trying to maneuver through the immigration process, I decided to investigate that path taken by many shady Egyptians before me: obtaining a new, stamp-free passport by fraudulent means. After much internet searching, I managed to locate the number of the Egyptian consulate in Montréal. Why Montréal, you […]

the indicated "More"

February 9, 2006


I’ve basically been spending my time at this office doing bitchwork. Compiling books of cases for court submissions, reading cases. Although I did prepare a few submissions, and apparently most students would give a limb to be able to make notes on a case that had a small chance of being mentioned in submissions to […]

November 13, 2005


Last night I collected my first lawyer fee ever. A flirtatious Kenyan taxi driver gave me $1.25 extra change for some drunken advice regarding immigration. Take that, Law Society of Upper Canada! I flout your rules! (not really…don’t hate me)