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Of love, loss and hair removal

June 28, 2006


One of the foremost topics of concern to my family is having a superior pair of tweezers. What with our eyebrows and my dad’s goatee, and the generally hirsute nature of Egyptian females, we are in a constant agitation over locating the right pair. Long afternoons have been spent discussing the characteristics of such an […]


June 26, 2006


Was just watching some ABC news show with George Greekname. I don’t normally watch the news, or read it, as it invariably makes me angry and I end up shouting at what, after all, is an inanimate object. This can only result in me looking foolish. However, with so little English language programming here my […]

My sister and I

June 24, 2006


My sister and I have had our final fight. The reason for our fights is that she treats me like shit. Always has – in between our bouts of babying and nicknaming and cuddling she is rude, mean and just cruel. She doesn’t treat anyone else this way – everyone else loves her. No one […]

Breast exchange

June 24, 2006


Bathroom door opens.Daughter: You told me that my left boob was going to catch up to the right one! And it hasn’t and now it’s too late!Mother: Let me see?She looks.Mother: Well…yes. But your figure is nice! Your thighs are thin!Daughter closes bathroom door.

Requesting virtual hugs

June 21, 2006


I just found out that I didn’t get this internship I really wanted. It was basically part of a project where the Canadian government pays young professionals to intern internationally for six months, and the one I wanted was at an NGO in Egypt called Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance. They offer legal aid […]

Warning: whimsicalness ahead

June 20, 2006


So far, I am enjoying Kuwait a lot. Even though I have done hardly anything here. I suppose it’s more accurate to say I appreciate it more. For example, I really appreciate my family. All three of them are genuinely funny people. All we do all day is banter hilariously (at least, we think we’re […]

The Athenian interlude

June 19, 2006


The trip started off with a hassle. I had to perform that most humiliating of tasks, unpacking an underwear-filled suitcase in front of the checking counter because it was over weight and handing some of its contents over to M, while onlookers gazed unashamedly. It was still tagged “heavy” and I felt the slur all […]

Farewell Frankie styles

June 16, 2006


Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today.Don’t want to be a part of it. North York, North York!I’m done with Downsview, 196A,Osgoode’s the very heart of it, North York, North York!I want to wake up far away from wind tunnels and bleak!To find I’m king of the firm, top of Bay Street!These Jane-and-Finch blues, are […]

Bright-eyed pessimism

June 15, 2006


Yesterday M and I were discussing my impending departure and plans thereafter.M: Either I’ll get that thing I applied for in Egypt and we’ll meet up there, or something will happen to make you come running back. Maybe a mild beating by the police in a protest…Me: You want me to come back here as […]

The requisite 0.35 cents on the World Cup…

June 12, 2006


Yesterday I was hanging out with my boyfriend when he said cheerfully, “Come on. Let’s watch the World Cup.” “What, on TV?” I said, like an idiot. I was flabbergasted that my most Canadian of boyfriends, specifically chosen for this quality, should sell me out and watch the World Cup like every other man on […]