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Just in case you forgot what this blog is really about

June 12, 2008


I woke up at 5 am one night last week to service my pathetically weak excretory system. Drowsily becoming vertical I made to open the door of my room. It was jammed. I pushed, I pulled, I hung on the knob; I put on my glasses and turned on the light, and for some reason […]

December 18, 2007


I’ve been super busy at work for the last while, although plenty of bloggable stuff has happened. Or least what I consider to be bloggable, since it seems I am self-indulgent. This is probable, but at least I don’t burden the internet (or subscribers) with my FEELINGS much like some writers. I’m off to Kuwait […]

Prick Alert

May 17, 2006


Am planning a longer post for later but for now I just need to vent. The other night my roommate’s boyfriend J came over with his sister. He is a person who, until now, I have liked and respected. He said hello to me and said, “We hardly ever say a proper hello anymore.”Going for […]

Boobs, original and fake

April 19, 2006


Instead of working on my final essay today, I went shopping with my roommate. A more inappropriate course of action cannot be imagined, since both of us are pressed for time and she is as poor as a church mouse (and owes me money). In one store, I tried on this drapey silver top with […]

Retro: Toronto, March 2004

April 9, 2006


In March 2004, my friend J and I were both living in small boxy studio apartments on campus. We couldn’t afford them, and plus we desperately needed some other room to enter. It’s just freaky to be able to visually encompass your entire living space, kitchen, bathroom and all, by turning your head 40 degrees. […]

The Roommate Annals: 2000-2001

April 6, 2006


As a triumphant second year at the YWCA “Youth Hostel”, I was entitled to choose both my room and my roommate. I hadn’t planned on returning so M, my previous roommate, had found someone else. But I had to and so I chose a nice spacious room on the 2nd floor so I would have […]

The Roommate Annals: 1999-2000

March 28, 2006


In my seven years of post secondary education, I have had six roommates, all very different. I like roommates. I get lonely when I live alone, and roommates are certainly preferable to blood relations (my sister, who is a devout Christian, nevertheless has the temper of a sea monster and screams like a banshee quite […]

The life and times of apartment 1210

March 27, 2006


Yesterday shone bright and sunny. My roommate and I were standing around in our living room chatting when I noticed that there were two fat pigeons perched on our balcony rail. Canadian pigeons fill me with a sense of waste, flying free like that, not being eaten. As I looked at them, one flew off […]

The Silk Road is for skinny chicks

March 19, 2006


In a burst of consumerist energy, my roommate and I decided to go to Pacific Mall in Markham today. For the uninitiated, Pacific Mall is nowhere near that venerable body of water; it is a massive suburban mall distinguished by the fact that it is entirely Asian. All the food, all the stores, all the […]

The Go Between

March 12, 2006


S: Hey, L said to tell you again that his friend you met that time is interested in you still. I told him you were dating M, but he said to try anyway.Me: Dude.S: I know. Me: I mean why would I leave the hot boyfriend I already have for a much less hot one?S: […]