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June 4, 2014


Yes I never wrote parts 2-11 of the trip to London. I overthought it. But I have been ruminating: what if my friend E – she who launched a thousand blog posts in the mid-2000s – is my true muse? Verily, it is so. I betook myself to her particularly beige part of Dokki. It takes […]

This aggression will not stand, man!

May 11, 2008


Above is a music video some guys made in New York in late 2006 to send their friend Tweak off to Egypt, although I get the impression that it’s his apartment, the “Hotel Deluxe”, that they grieved most over. We received custody of him here and he became our friend, and we were pretty blown […]

Ahhnold the Bold

April 21, 2008


So it actually happened – unexpectedly, an “eligible” dude asked me out. Conveying this information to various friends and associates only led to repetitions of the question, “By eligible, you mean he’s Christian and has hair?”, a level of uniformity which has compelled me to conclude that I really need to get some new conversation […]

You know you’ve left laundry on the line too long when…

April 19, 2008


…you pick up a clothes peg and there is a large spider dangling from it on a silk thread. The spider scoots back up on the thread and climbs up onto the peg and you look at each other for a while. You snap out of it and pick up a fragrant shoe of your […]

Overheard at the Office

April 13, 2008


Girl: Ana ray7a a3mel peepee.Guy: Tab itshatafy kwayes.

Flies, honey and vinegar

February 19, 2008


I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, having long established that I’m not going to change anything about myself for calendar-related reasons, if at all. But for some reason that I cannot now recall, I decided some weeks ago that I was going to implement my mother’s religiously motivated maxim, “a gentle answer turns away […]

The Cairo Photograph

October 24, 2007


Classic. It has all the elements: the decomposing food, the Stella, the truly terrifyingly awful belly dancer, a midget, a me3asel shisha (not even fruit flavoured!) and someone who looks like he is lightly considering eating your eyes. Courtesy of Rebecca Wright.

October 11, 2007


The searchwords that lead people to my blog are always mildly amusing (the shemale post brought me many hits) but today a real doozy was offered: someone googled “muslims putting corks in their butts”.Hmm. I can’t say that, to my knowledge, Muslims put corks up their behinds more than other people do. And for what […]

The ter3a less travelled

September 18, 2007


Living in a collectivist society is on the whole very pleasant – at least when you’re used to it – but there’s no denying that one of the drawbacks of living in Egypt is that there just isn’t much individualism. Although this naturally depends largely on education and socio-economic status, you rarely see many people […]

September 2, 2007


Some days ago we were over at a friend’s place (let’s call him Rocker Broker Guy) and we decided to order food. After I gave him my order I said “and you remember what the most important thing is, right?” “Lots of ketchup,” he parroted. He is well familiar with my disgusting eating habits. “Right. […]