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The Epicure

November 29, 2007


Every Wednesday some people I know go to La Bodega for what they call Wet ‘n’ Wild Wednesdays. I only went once, but yesterday I was on a beer roll and so Spaz and I moved on to there, where some 20 people were in attendance and in very high spirits. We sat down and […]

A much needed change of pace

November 29, 2007


Would you agree that farts that are smelly are not usually audible, and vice versa? This theory was propounded by my mother. Have you ever emitted a fart that was both smelly and noisy? This has actually been on my mind for several days. I need an extra-curricular activity.

November 26, 2007


I had an extraordinarily strange day today. So disturbing, I can’t even make fun of it. I want to blame it on the jacket I was wearing today…I don’t think Cairo likes that jacket. Today was the first time I’ve worn it here.I’m going to bed. Let it end already.

Building barriers

November 26, 2007


***Update: In the interests of clarity I asked around and it transpires that in Egypt, unlike in jurisdictions with which I am more familiar, the Constitution itself does apply to private actors. Article 40 of the Egyptian Constitution states: All citizens are equal before the law. They have equal public rights and duties without discrimination […]

A brilliantly useful website

November 25, 2007


Yamli. It’s a search engine that lets you enter transliterated Arabic (internet transliterations with all the numbers) which it converts into Arabic script. But it also lets you search in google and provides an editor for longer pieces. It’s pimp! Thanks to Cairene for the tip….great for English-only keyboards and a host of other uses.

The logophile gets special

November 23, 2007


more at… This is what he said: “I’m making lebanese mezzés with italian food…making risotto and steak with taboulé, hommos and labné.” So, not even words that NEED accents (because they’re in Arabic which has its own script). And on google chat, which is so ill developed there aren’t even emoticons or font colours! […]

Jughead is a Pothead….it’s all crockery….

November 23, 2007


Yesterday I was suddenly assailed with unshakable conviction that Jughead was surely a pothead. Yes, even fifties Jughead. The food, the half-closed eyes, the stupid hat, the lack of real interest in women, the absurdness…it’s all there. I came to this realization as I was opening the fridge. more at… I found this on […]