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March 5, 2008


I take these vitamins, something extraordinarily potent called Vitamax. I took this stuff on the recommendation of all my girlfriends who I complained to about being tired lately. And I felt much better, right away. The drawback of these supplements is that my body hair has grown extraordinarily luxuriant. I have taken to stroking my […]

October 1, 2006


D has departed Cairo, oozing smoke and heaving queasily….but not before inveigling her way into yet another moustache threading tutorial! This time I passed the buck (and the thread) to my sister, while I sat around making unhelpful comments on her Hitler moustache, and the fortuitousness of her aptitude for sports and her law degree, […]

Of a hirsute nature

September 2, 2006


I generally pay no attention to my eyebrows. I’ll apply copious eye-makeup and contact lenses and leave the house well-pleased, where I attract gasps from the populace. But now that I live with The Tweet, such negligence is no longer possible. She doesn’t remind me gently, either; I will wake up in the morning to […]

Friday Fillip

August 28, 2006


Had an inconsequential last few days, but feel pressured to extract noteworthy events from them for your delectation. Well then, Friday night. I took a taxi to meet some friends in Zamalek. As I sat in the taxi I noticed that he had a bunch of stickers pasted to the inside left window, all proclaiming […]

Of love, loss and hair removal

June 28, 2006


One of the foremost topics of concern to my family is having a superior pair of tweezers. What with our eyebrows and my dad’s goatee, and the generally hirsute nature of Egyptian females, we are in a constant agitation over locating the right pair. Long afternoons have been spent discussing the characteristics of such an […]

The ‘tache effect

May 29, 2006


I was woken from a delightful nap today by the phone. I always answer the phone no matter how asleep I am and how far it is. It was D. She had called exclusively to ask me to refresh my lesson on how to thread off facial hair. I had shown her, also on the […]

Ghetto II

April 16, 2006


You know what else speaks volumes for the ghetto-ness of my building? That my roommate and I get the superintendent’s wife to pluck our eyebrows and moustaches for us, for $3 a piece. Just as countless girls in Egypt get the bawaab’s wife to do theirs for 10 L.E.

In Western parts….

September 6, 2005


I haven’t blogged about the fascinating things that have been occurring lately due to having no internet at my new apartment. In surprisingly third-worldian fashion, they’re can only come set it up on the 22nd, and the telephone on the 4th of October! I bet they get better service in villages in Nepal. I really […]

boo, Kuwait

May 8, 2005


I have done pretty much nothing since I got here, except hang out with my parents. Who I have to say are pretty cool…today I laughed so much at something my dad said I nearly fell off my chair in a restaurant. But so far the highlight has been implementing stage one of the Giant […]