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Call me irresponsible

November 16, 2008


This month, I quit my respectable job as a corporate lawyer, bidding good bye to swivel chairs, bonuses in dollars, and hateful high heels, to work at a magazine where all the chairs are tall and fuzzy and only have one arm, and the toilet is on its own throne-like platform. Instead of hearing “sabah […]

I’m in Egypt Today

July 6, 2008


…in a surprisingly opinionated article about bloggers, by one Hassan Hassan, who I believe I have met. The article is called “Scene and Heard: the slightly more frivolous side of the internet” and is mostly about…guess. I got an email from a reader telling me I was mentioned, and in completely unfounded excitement ran out […]

Fuck this shit

April 6, 2008


Kos om di 3eesha. Am taking some time off blogging – I feel stupid, small and demoralized.

I have been given a sign

April 4, 2008


I spent three years working on my law school’s newspaper (I have posted the occasional article), and recently they put out an 80th anniversary issue where they gathered momentous (or so I vainly assume) pieces from the 1920s through to now, and they included TWO of mine! Leaders of Canadian political parties were passed over […]

March 20, 2008


This is the cartoon they use for me in Campus Magazine. The editor had provided the cartoonist with several pictures of me and we were both baffled when he produced a cartoon with corn rows or something, a look I have never sported. In response to our remarks he came up with the above. I […]

The dashing of hopes and dreams

March 8, 2008


I’ve been talking for years about writing a book – sometimes it’s a super smart chick lit novel a la Jennifer Crusie, but since I have no imagination most of the time it’s a series of humorous short stories in the style of David Sedaris. But with an Arab chick angle and occasionally insightful cross-cultural […]


March 4, 2008


I just felt like such a pussy. After all, they’re just comments. Please feel free to remove any comments you might have made that you would prefer not to be so publicly available.


February 25, 2008


Having a private blog is so not cool, people. It’s too entrenched a habit for me to start revealing crazy shit, and writing long posts to such a limited number just isn’t enough bang for my buck. Turns out am attention whore! Well, I’ll keep it this way for a while until the nuttery subsides. […]

Flies, honey and vinegar

February 19, 2008


I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, having long established that I’m not going to change anything about myself for calendar-related reasons, if at all. But for some reason that I cannot now recall, I decided some weeks ago that I was going to implement my mother’s religiously motivated maxim, “a gentle answer turns away […]

Remorse and relocation

November 8, 2007


Sorry…I haven’t been blogging because I’ve had an immense amount of work to do while at work. Shame on them. Will be over today though, I think. Also, I’ve decided I want to move to Zamalek. I am just too exhausted. So if you hear of someone looking for a roommate there, let me know…