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Days 4-6: A bunch of crap

January 16, 2009


Went right off daily blogging suddenly, and now I’ve forgotten a lot of notes I made in my head. My short term memory is generally shot. I should start carrying a notebook around like a journalist or something. Let’s see: shopping copiously accompanied by two friendly African American ladies who giggled and said “Hah” and […]

My very own popular high school snob

April 30, 2007


Before I wrote that exaggerated self-pitying dollop of a last post (I would delete it but that seems emotionally dishonest) I was actually hanging out with a friend. This friend, Little Bubbly, is my oldest remaining friend. I have known her, literally, since birth. We went through all the various milestones together (feeling superior to […]

The sort of post you get when I stay home on a Friday night

April 6, 2007


My father prevailed on me to go with him and his best friend, and the best friend’s teenage son, to church today for the Good Friday service. This is a matter of many hours, and I made numerous excuses not to go. “El keneesa beteb2a zay el 3ataba fil a3yad!” “Away bas leeha rawnak bardo.” […]

A Copt by any other name

March 19, 2007


Last night I had a dream wherein someone named St. Clair hit on me. That was his first name. Cairo pollution has finally penetrated through to my subconscious, having made short work of everything else. In fairness to the smog, though, there is a character called St. Clair in one of my favourite books. Bas […]

How to date while pretending to work

February 26, 2007


I have a bunch of single friends who are always complaining to me (and with me) about not meeting eligible men and women. Obviously, people complain about this everywhere; but in addition to the usual difficulty of finding someone you like who simultaneously likes you, Egyptians have to pay attention to issues of religion and […]

Those people

November 17, 2006


Today I was out to dinner at the house of some family friends. Pretty usual stuff. Just to give you a picture of what that is in my circles: it routinely involves bitching about Egypt’s increasing Islamism, how repulsive the hijab is, Egypt never used to be like this, it’s become like a national uniform…you […]

The Alexandria attack: a juvenile analysis

April 15, 2006


****Update: Read a translated eyewitness account here. And I guess there’s nothing to do now but pray it doesn’t get even worse. The incident in Alexandria: horrible beyond measure. I’ve been reading coverage and comments for a couple of days now, trying to glean an idea of how people think about this. I don’t know […]