22 years and still…

Posted on March 12, 2005


Yesterday in a fit of intoxicated wit I attempted to use a mild pun that I gleaned from my friend W; we had had a bit of Frasier-type hilarity with it at the time. Had I been sober, I would not have tried to pull this off again. The conversation was about ipods.
Me: You know, someone who listens to his ipod while walking around is called a podestrian.
Polite silence.
Me: A PODestrian?
D: That is a bad joke. How are you even saying this?
Me (abashed): It wasn’t a joke so much as a witticism. A witticism!
S: That’s on, like, a Sesame Street level.
D: Oooooh…That’s harsh!
Everyone else laughs and points at me. OK, so we were high as well. Still it was my birthday and I think my puns deserve respect, dammit!