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January 24, 2006


Real “LOL”ing at hand. I clicked on one of the ads on my blog (when I have nothing better to do I try to create revenue). It’s a surprisingly polished Arab dating site. Anyway the delightful part is when you select “I am a male” it immediately selects “seeking a female”. If you try male […]

And in another salon across town…

January 24, 2006


It’s nice to see that I’m not the only socially inept, wildly offensive female on the planet. When my roommate S (the Indian one, remember) went to get her hair done yesterday, her colourist casually informed her that Sri Lankans stink. Stunned, she said “What?” Nonchalantly the woman elaborated, “You know. Because of the curry.”S […]

In reference to That Area…

January 20, 2006


Yesterday I went and dyed my hair back to my preferred burgundy shade, although once the $95 was gone, there were plenty of people who popped up to tell me the Beyoncesque hair was better. In fact, once she had pocketed the funds the sylist herself confided that she had liked the brown/blonde dealie a […]

January 15, 2006


As I opened the door to my apartment building today, a clown walked out. He (or she) was in normal winter canadian clothes, except for full face makeup and wig.Hmmm.

January 13, 2006


I’m back in Canada and already I have begun developing the customary knot of stress in my lower neck. I have a group presentation, a court appearance, an exam and a driving test in the coming few days. But on the plus side, the weather is pretty sweet, and a certain indescribably sweet someone met […]

A Coptic Christmas

January 7, 2006


My family aren’t Copts…we fall into that tiny minority of protestant Egyptians. And I mean the handclapping, tongue speaking, holy spirit breathing sort. We celebrate Christmas on the 25th, but some of our friends celebrate on the 7th of January and so we show up for food. All of us stuffed ourselves silly while the […]


January 4, 2006


I was wandering around today when my dad called me into his room. “Ta3ali henna, 3ayzik fe 7aga.”I came. My dad put a white plastic fly swatter into my hand. “Shayfa el debana di? 3ayzek matsebeesh el oda le7ad matgebeeha. 3ashan heya di mish hatkhaleeni anam lemodet talat teyam.” My dad is given to hyperbole, […]

Everything I’ve ever tried to say about my life

January 3, 2006


This is an article I found on the website of the Canadian International Development Agency to guide Canadians in living in Egypt. I depart from my usual light frivolous posts here because this article has articulated in quite a scholarly way everything I’ve been mumbling incoherently for years. That said, there were a few comments […]