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Days 4-6: A bunch of crap

January 16, 2009


Went right off daily blogging suddenly, and now I’ve forgotten a lot of notes I made in my head. My short term memory is generally shot. I should start carrying a notebook around like a journalist or something. Let’s see: shopping copiously accompanied by two friendly African American ladies who giggled and said “Hah” and […]

March 5, 2008


I take these vitamins, something extraordinarily potent called Vitamax. I took this stuff on the recommendation of all my girlfriends who I complained to about being tired lately. And I felt much better, right away. The drawback of these supplements is that my body hair has grown extraordinarily luxuriant. I have taken to stroking my […]

Swigging with Scots

February 8, 2008


Another day, another carefully averted hangover. My usual method of doing so is to throw up before I go to bed and take an aspirin; then wake up at 4:30 am and drink way more water and check my mail. I tell you, fool proof. The internet has a therapeutic quality at that hour. The […]

The Vacationer Part 1

October 17, 2007


I’m back at work after Eid break. I wish I could report that the break was of a bitchin’ nature, but I’m afraid that due to dutiful friends preferring the filial obligation of spending the first day of Eid with their families, I wasn’t able to go out of town. I knew there was a […]

Several foggy days in London town

August 30, 2007


I’m back! All refreshed and energized. It’s nice to come back to a country where summer is actually underway, but I really love London! It really is the pinnacle of cities, especially for a history geek like me. Especially compared to North American cities – I don’t know why the first whiteys didn’t turn back […]

My little friends

July 31, 2007


I think I have lice. And click – browser windows closing. For the remaining three of you with the inclination to seek revulsion on the internet, I’ll eagerly recount the tale. My head has been itching since Saturday, when I went swimming with some friends at the Gezira Club, and laying around what I fancied […]

July 3, 2007


In my dad’s efforts to make life easier for the Piglet and I, he hired a woman to clean the house. This is a female who asked me why I kept leaving the house in the morning at the same time. I mean, she works, why shouldn’t I? Presumably, if I didn’t work, then I […]

March 18, 2007


Grey’s Anatomy + PMS + tiredness + even more constipation than the norm = Much greater irrationality than usual.

Warning: Explicit. Not in a good way.

May 4, 2006


One day, a friend of mine msn messaged me with what he deemed to be a problem within my special expertise and experience. Both bathrooms in his apartment were being fixed that day, and he had to poo real bad. If he used the one that was currently free, the superintendent would shortly come in […]

April 20, 2006


I am typing away deliriously in the library, on this, the last day of my academic career. Sometime between yesterday and today I have developed an allergy to dust, and so the library is NOT the place to be. I have so much used Kleenex around me it’s like I’m typing in a snowbank.A side […]