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The other day

July 16, 2008


Me: Let’s go to Cairo 1940 for dinner today.Spaz: I get the feeling we’re going to be going there a lot during Ramadan, so let’s wait.Me: You’re worried about Ramadan from now already?!Spaz: Of course! It’s only six weeks away, dude!Me: Wow. Yes, OK. Only too true. I need to start the annual cementing of […]

Lists and parentheses

June 25, 2008


There are two advantages to being an Egyptian woman, as opposed to an Egyptian man: No compulsory military service. I can think of nothing that I would not do to avoid that, short of self-mutilation. I’ve heard some good tales regarding avoiding conscription from the men of my acquaintance: alleging homosexuality; purchasing African passports; sham-marrying […]

One million signatures for a law against sexual harassment

April 22, 2008


يطلق المركز المصري لحقوق المرأة حملة واسعة من أجل قانون يحمي النساء من التحرش الجنسي . تعد حملة ” المليون توقيع لسن قانون يجرم التحرش الجنسي” جزءاً من حملة أكبر هي حملة شارع آمن للجميع التي بدأت عام 2005 استجابة للعديد من الشكاوى من نساء مصريات وأجنبيات يتعرضن للتحرش.الجنسي في الشارع المصري…. تضامن معنا لكي […]

Swigging with Scots

February 8, 2008


Another day, another carefully averted hangover. My usual method of doing so is to throw up before I go to bed and take an aspirin; then wake up at 4:30 am and drink way more water and check my mail. I tell you, fool proof. The internet has a therapeutic quality at that hour. The […]

Drunk blogging

December 8, 2007


I love living in Cairo. Let’s hear it for God…he really does have the hook up!

The Cairo Photograph

October 24, 2007


Classic. It has all the elements: the decomposing food, the Stella, the truly terrifyingly awful belly dancer, a midget, a me3asel shisha (not even fruit flavoured!) and someone who looks like he is lightly considering eating your eyes. Courtesy of Rebecca Wright.

Come on, Ramadan! Hurry up!

October 7, 2007


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