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October 30, 2005


My roommate and I purposely stayed home tonight, trying to catch up on our sleep and chores. I even painted one wall. Anyway, so I’m sitting down to watch the Simpsons with a couple of tangerines when it occurs to me for the first time that we don’t have a trash can in our living […]

The litigator

October 26, 2005


Today I had something called a minitrial. This is like a real trial, only you have less time to do everything in. Which suits us fine, because we suck.Due to my incessant bad luck, I was alone against a team of two, which meant I had to do all the work. I compelled a friend […]

October 25, 2005


Today as I was walking home from school with a friend we passed a guy standing in his t-shirt on the sidewalk, vigorously doing the breast stroke in mid air. Very good form, but it wasn’t really raining that hard. I craned my head rudely to stare at him, while my so Canadian friend tried […]


October 22, 2005


Canada is a very beautiful place in the fall. cliched as it may be, the trees always make me smile. I’ve become a big softie in my old age – I had to physically restrain myself from putting in more sappy commentary.Well, not always. When it rains, the trees can kiss my ass.Here’s what I […]

37 facts about me

October 20, 2005


I got this even more self centred idea from sandmonkey . I chew my fingers. I actually eat the skin around the nails till they bleed. It’s disgusting, but I can’t stop. It’s why I have acrylic nails…for some reason it prevents me from doing it. I shake my legs up and down ALL THE […]


October 14, 2005


In my continuing quest for an articling position, I called up some lawyers today to beg for a job (for more on the search, read issue 6 of the Obiter Dicta). I got this woman, M.B. and we had a chat about being a lawyer and making money etc. She said she wasn’t making enough […]


October 14, 2005


They’ve told me that one of the best ways to find a job is to befriend your professors. Feeling more desperate than usual today, I decided to do so. Since we had a guest speaker a bunch of people from our class had coffee with him in the cafeteria and I found myself sitting next […]