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Typical Weekend Part II

January 29, 2007


My plan after the book signing was to repair to Maadi, where E had masterminded (and I mean masterminded) the fantastic coup of assembling 15 or so of the Shabab in one place – and an expensive place at that…without advance notice! Mad props. Not knowing my way around that chi-chiest and warren-like of neighbourhoods, […]

Typical Weekend Part I

January 28, 2007


Thursday evening I betook myself and my Shirley Schmidt outfit to meet the hilarious Amnesiac at Diwan bookstore, where Alaa El Aswany was doing a book signing of his new novel, Chicago. We arrived early and found a (and by that I mean one) seat and there we remained for the best part of an […]

Justice does prevail! (In Canada)

January 28, 2007


Maher Arar, the Canadian software engineer who was detained by American officials in 2002 and deported to Syria, where he was jailed and regularly tortured, will receive 11.5 million Canadian dollars ($9.75 million) in compensation from the Canadian government, under a settlement announced Friday. The compensation ends a lawsuit brought by Mr. Arar and follows […]

January 25, 2007


I look really hot today, very Shirley Schmidt from Boston Legal – only obviously minus 40 years and plus pigmentation and curls. So, actually, focus on her outfits, particularly the necklaces. I only post this here to remind myself of my youthful bloom and vigour when it’s gone. Also, must remember get my boot re–heeled.

Tangerine seas and marmalade skies

January 24, 2007


The trip to Ras Shitan rocked. We went to a camp called Castle Beach. Not only does it kick Basata’s ass empirically, one’s enjoyment of any Red Sea camp rests entirely on the weather being clement and on the stresses of employment. Being unemployed and woefully hot when I went to Basata, I was in […]

Drivel and doodoo

January 22, 2007


I normally spend the first half hour or so after my alarm goes off thinking of diseases I could possibly contract (or convincingly pretend to contract) to prevent me from going to work. I have already used my best one – urinary tract infection – once per job. Faisal once grilled me with great enthusiasm […]

January 18, 2007


I’ve just realized something. Arabic numbers are read from left to right. Words, however, are read from right to left. That’s effing weird – and how is it that I‘ve only just realized it? And that it is the only thing I took out of reading a whole clause? Does it have some root in […]

January 18, 2007


No one can ruin a person’s day like the World Bank can.

"The Saudis couldn’t find a moon unless there was oil spurting out of it!"

January 17, 2007


Have just watched the first episode of the hit Canadian show “Little Mosque on the Prairie.” A show is a hit in Canada if it attracts more than 1 million viewers, which apparently is close behind the hockey. So, wow, actually! As you might imagine it’s about a mosque, in the…guess!…prairie. A bunch of Muslims […]

The following communication is meant to be of a humourous nature

January 17, 2007


I’m so tired this morning my eyes are itching. Or it could be too much makeup remover…or maybe my eyebrows are growing out. For your delectation (this is growing to be quite the theme): NM: I’ve have a clichéd pickup line. Do you want to hear it? Me: Yeah…sure. NM: Time flies when I’m with […]