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Reffed out

September 27, 2006


Here’s one of the many interesting things I learned during the refugee law stint. You know how Egyptians and other Mediterraneans make a teeth-sucking clicky sort of noise for “no”? Ethiopians, for “yes”, just gasp. Like, a big shocked inhale. When I first heard this, I thought I had just said something staggeringly offensive, and […]

A little discourse on things that seemed funnier under the influence

September 25, 2006


On Thursday night E and I went to the Cairo Jazz club to see a “rock and roll” band called Dirty Looks. They were really great, although I didn’t see much rolling – there was rocking, however. Maybe there was Elvis or something after we took off in a wave of searing desire for shisha. […]

September 21, 2006


Don’t you motherfucking hate it when you schedule a client early to accommodate her, get up extra early to make it on time, make yourself lunch since you now have time, and then get to work to find that not only have you forgotten your sandwich AND your cellphone, your client has not even showed […]

Half-hearted play review

September 18, 2006


So, the play, Thawret Ala’a. E and I spent hours rushing around in the hot sun printing up tickets and having them cut into strips and so forth. And I was wondering how I was going to spend the four hours between the end of work and the start of the play! Leisure time is […]

Independent theatre performance!

September 10, 2006


El Tamey Theatre Group invites you to their new musical play Thawret Ala’a, roughly translated as Revolution of the mind. This play is their fourth production, having come into existence in 2002 with the play El Diouf or The Guests. The group’s attention then turned to musical performance. El Tamey Wahed Wel Shagar Alwan or […]

This post may cause testicular damage

September 9, 2006


Today is M and I’s one year anniversary. Anniversary of what exactly, you might ask? We don’t quite know, actually. We had a convoluted conversation trying to pin down an exact date from which to date our relationship, and in the end just chose the 9th of September, having consulted the blog and various emails […]

Forsoothsayer in print…no, for real!

September 7, 2006


It has come to my attention that this blog has been featured in this month’s issue of Campus Magazine. It came to my attention because they told me. Now I’d like to pretend that I’m too cool to care about some free teenage rag, but I’m not! The only other time my blog was featured […]

September 7, 2006


I was super late to work today, and as a result was rewarded by seeing a construction worker just in front of the Semiramis breaking up sidewalk while wearing an umbrella hat exactly like the one depicted in the picture. Yes, with the football checks. I wanted to take a photo of him but he […]


September 5, 2006


Well, it seems that my professional destruction is continuing apace. Every Monday we have a training seminar. Last week I mentioned a judge pulling something out of his ass. Today, our instructor asked us how we would write an appeal submission without having been given reasons for rejection. I replied, “carpetbombing.” With an utterly blank, […]

It’s the little things…

September 3, 2006


So I am leaving this job at the end of September. I got a more tempting offer at a Large Corporate Firm. It’ll suck to leave, as I really like it here, especially the people and the hours and the ability to wear flip-flops (or in my case, no footwear at all), but this other […]