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May 24, 2005


Today I was playing this game called jenga with some friends of a friend of mine’s boyfriend. It’s sort of like truth or dare, except the questions and dares are written on these bricks that are built into a tower and you have to pull them out without toppling the tower. To these depths I […]


May 15, 2005


While I was in Canada I yearned for the Arab world, yearned to just look around me and see swarthy, overdressed individuals with smoke swirling around their heads. I’m here now, and instead, it’s overtanned foreigners looking around in concerned puzzlement. I must have met half of Texas by now.So today I found myself sitting […]

boo, Kuwait

May 8, 2005


I have done pretty much nothing since I got here, except hang out with my parents. Who I have to say are pretty cool…today I laughed so much at something my dad said I nearly fell off my chair in a restaurant. But so far the highlight has been implementing stage one of the Giant […]

Transit transcriptions

May 4, 2005


I’m in Frankfurt Airport right now, enjoying my first experience of second-hand smoke in years. My brain now immediately does a little zing! when I even see people in an actual indoor space smoking. My nose registers smoke, my eyes note a ceiling and I am mystified for a moment until I realize that people […]