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El Khan – not just a tourist trap anymore

April 29, 2008


Check it out at the Daily News! See some of his other cartoons here.

Enormously belated Halloween revelries

November 16, 2007


Finally the haze of work has lifted and rather than commit secretarycide I will recount what actually did go down on Halloween, aeons ago. I know you’ve been biting your nails in anxiety over not knowing events of such import. So I actually did go to my Halloween party as Mia Wallace. In my quest […]

It’s hard out there for a lawyer

July 3, 2007


M: I’m really bored today. I should bring in some music. Me: Here, you can have my ipod, if you think it will help. I put some manlier music on there. M: Like what? Me: Aerosmith. M: Aerosmith are so not manly. Me: They are! I also have Fleetwood Mac. M: Do you have any […]

Blogging the blues

May 16, 2007


Having received the little flyer from the cutie at the S.O.S. music festival for Blues on the Rocks, I made my way down to the Sakia last Sunday, along with Amnesiac and some of her friends. However, in order to seduce Amn into going thence, I first accompanied her to a showing of a documentary […]

May 7, 2007


I was frankly surprised to find that my friends were willing to go to see Guys and Dolls at AUC. I shouldn’t have been, though, because several of them are former theatre geeks and fans, with one most unlikely character having actually been known to perform various ambitious dance moves on a car during the […]

And we don’t want you there, either

May 6, 2007


As Amnesiac indicated, we went to the S.O.S. festival on Friday. I only caught the final three acts or so and it was amazing that I managed to retain the smallest observation about them, so diligently and profusely did I chat instead of listen. I paid no attention to the first act I saw, Nagham […]

I can still be juvenile with the best

April 26, 2007


Monday evening M and I went to the Italian Club, for no particular reason. I was feeling joyful (read: drunk) when I was informed by the waiter that Monday was the only day that the chef who prepared their heavenly apple cake didn’t come. This substance is easily the best thing I have ever placed […]