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The other day

July 16, 2008


Me: Let’s go to Cairo 1940 for dinner today.Spaz: I get the feeling we’re going to be going there a lot during Ramadan, so let’s wait.Me: You’re worried about Ramadan from now already?!Spaz: Of course! It’s only six weeks away, dude!Me: Wow. Yes, OK. Only too true. I need to start the annual cementing of […]

I am an Arab

April 3, 2008


I’ve taken a lot of heat on this blog and elsewhere because I consider myself an Arab, unlike most Egyptian Christians of my acquaintance. I have of course been under the most attack from Copts in diaspora, whose knowledge of Egypt often seems to stem from sedately guided teenage trips around Egyptian monasteries, a few […]

Building barriers

November 26, 2007


***Update: In the interests of clarity I asked around and it transpires that in Egypt, unlike in jurisdictions with which I am more familiar, the Constitution itself does apply to private actors. Article 40 of the Egyptian Constitution states: All citizens are equal before the law. They have equal public rights and duties without discrimination […]

Sunday Single No. 7

November 11, 2007


Yesterday when I woke up the first thing I thought was, “I should grow a full beard to test societal impact of it for myself,” and the second thing I thought was, “Oh. I’m a girl.”

Love in the time of repression

October 17, 2007


Every woman’s dream, no doubt! I can’t help but think that surely the slogan “matches made in heaven” is tongue-in-cheek? The sly-demure look in the muhajaba’s eyes says yes.

Come on, Ramadan! Hurry up!

October 7, 2007


more at… You can pick more than one option.

The post-prandial puzzle

September 15, 2007


I was kind of looking forward to Ramadan as a period of enforced detoxification, which I figure I need. I am determined to enjoy it as well: I intend to rip the head right off anyone who sexually/religiously harasses me on the street (I’ve already had one such incident but I only saw the gallabeya-clad […]