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April 29, 2005


Last weekend I was at the mall waiting for a friend outside a changing room. Next to me were some other girls waiting for their friend too. At one point on of the girls next to me shouted to the girl inside “Hey, I can see some change in the corner there under the door…Don’t […]

April 25, 2005


Yesterday I had a funky dream and during the dream I actually recall thinking about how weird the goings-on were and telling myself to remember to blog about them. I had no idea this had sunk to that level of my subconscious. Of course, now that I’m awake I realize it wasn’t worth blogging about […]

April 20, 2005


I am moving. I don’t know quite where to yet, but I decided it’s best to look around for movers beforehand. I looked in the yellow pages and called a moving company. It went straight to voicemail and said “Hi, this is Chris Reed’s voicemail. THIS IS NOT THE MOVING COMPANY. If you’re actually looking […]

April 17, 2005


Yesterday as I was on the elevator a small Chinese guy got on. He promptly leaned up against the elevator wall and close his eyes. Setting aside the social oddness of just standing in an elevator with your eyes closed, I observed that he was actually starting to nod off. His head began to bob […]

Emerges covered in faeces

April 15, 2005


So the suffering is over. And not on an entirely good note….the exam today was a total blowout. There was pain. Grown men were reduced to crying in their pillows at home. Don’t ever hire me….you will go to jail.Actually, I had a feeling it was going to be a massacre even before I left […]


April 11, 2005


Yesterday I was reading a case, when I let out a little giggle. A friend who was studying next to me was so surprised that he took off his headphones and leaned over to me saying incredulously, “Are you laughing at a Supreme Court case?!”Apologetically I replied, “Look, there’s an exclamation mark. It’s in italics. […]


April 1, 2005


Had a bit of a panic attack today. I needed an outlet, so I called the computer store where my laptop has been supposedly being fixed for a month and a half. I wanted to entreat them to retrieve my notes from the first half of the semester. Predictably, this was not possible.Me: (gentle charm) […]