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The Zamalekite

December 30, 2007


I could not have been more happy to wake up yesterday, knowing that I was going to catch a plane back to Cairo. Kuwait was really wearing on me and I thought fondly of the upcoming New Year celebrations and apartment-in-Zamalek living. Of course, the reality turned out to be a little different. To begin […]

Looking at ’08 from Q8

December 26, 2007


Yes, the radio silence has been because Kuwait is a bit like a sound-proof chamber: everything that comes out of it is too muffled to be heard. On setting foot on its marble-tiled shores a person feels that nothing about it could be of the least interest to anyone else. I look around, try to […]

December 18, 2007


I’ve been super busy at work for the last while, although plenty of bloggable stuff has happened. Or least what I consider to be bloggable, since it seems I am self-indulgent. This is probable, but at least I don’t burden the internet (or subscribers) with my FEELINGS much like some writers. I’m off to Kuwait […]

Youtube collaborates to hide human rights abuses

December 9, 2007


Readers may be aware that Youtube suspended the account of Egyptian video blogger Wael Abbas, a ban which featured on Reuters and Fox News. These news outlets have released statements saying that Youtube has restored his account. The truth is that although they have restored his account, they have removed all of the videos showing […]

Drunk blogging

December 8, 2007


I love living in Cairo. Let’s hear it for God…he really does have the hook up!

Things dudes shouldn’t say part III

December 4, 2007


I have pretty strong ideas on male expression, as you can see. But so does T. Shahin…yesterday I was telling him that a guy I once dated would involuntarily sigh whenever I was anywhere around him, even just seated next to him. Sometimes when I just looked at him. He couldn’t hear himself doing it. […]