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Insider Shout Out

October 31, 2006


On Sunday, two of my best friends (and occasional bloggers) announced – in the most unlikely fashion over beer and very poor shisha – that they were getting married! I actually fully thought at first that they had read the fat7a because they were starting a business, so implausible was such an announcement. Plus, they […]

October 30, 2006


Today one of Egypt’s worst taxi experiences befell me – my taxi broke down in the middle of the Azhar tunnel. Flat tire. Immediately a massive line of cars formed behind the taxi, beeping furiously as if they couldn’t just move into the other lane. The driver had to get out and give some sort […]

Mass sexual assault in downtown Cairo

October 29, 2006


On the first two days of Eid in Cairo, a mob of hundreds of men swept through downtown attacking and sexually assaulting random girls in an animalistic display that must boggle every mind. Apparently, the utter lack of basic decency, respect for women, or the rule of law was not confined to Ramadan alone – […]


October 23, 2006


Off to Dahab until Friday or Saturday. Have a good vacation and Eid Mubarak!

Find out my real name and what I look like!

October 22, 2006


Read this month’s issue of Campus magazine. It’s not a flattering picture of me though, I hasten to point out. Also, my name is not spelled that way, and although the picture was mine, I believe I outlined the correct spelling of my name sufficiently. Proofreading is definitely not up to par there, as I […]

The joy of Eid

October 21, 2006


I know I am flogging a dead horse but I just want to let off some steam about some more Ramadan-based sexual/religious harassment. My sister was just telling me about how, yesterday, she was driving with two of her female friends when a car full of young men cornered them and blocked their way round […]

Embarassing moments: Fall 2006

October 17, 2006


Of course, these are only two among many, but they sufficed to establish that brown-skinned people can blush. It’s not attractive. A few weeks ago I was standing in the street trying to hail a taxi when a gust of wind blew by and blew my skirt right up, revealing my underwear to the world. […]

October 17, 2006


I met Mohammed el Sharkawy recently, the activist who was sexually assaulted in an Egyptian police station and later imprisoned for months last April. I would link, but where to? BITCHES! He is suing several government offices for torture, sexual assault (I believe the particular offence here translates into rending of honour), detention without charge, […]

The Corporate whore blog

October 13, 2006


So the new job…suffice it to say that it’s not as bad as I expected. The work isn’t boring, the people are nice, and I don’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes. I have 1/3 of a secretary. However, I am swiftly having to learn legal Arabic – it speaks volumes that in order to leaf […]

Equal opportunity

October 11, 2006


Something that amused me to the core of my being that happened yesterday… So my friends and I are sitting at our ahwa in West el Balad. An old woman comes round to our table and drops something. I pick it up and, lo and behold, it is a tiny calendar with a picture of […]