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Obstinate Lions

May 28, 2008


Leo: There are numerous subjects that should not be breached on the first few dates. Me: Broached. I’m annoying sa7? Leo: Both work actually. It’s a border that you’re not allowed to breach. Me: Yeah you can breach lines and rules and barriers… Leo: Exactly, these subjects are barriers that aren’t to be broken. Me: […]

Ornaments to the Bar

May 27, 2008


In an effort to free myself from my internet addiction and do some work so that they don’t fire me, I have been leaving my laptop behind for two days. Within minutes of my arrival at work today I was gasping for google chat, Facebook, and general fucking about. I asked Mystic Mo if I […]


May 25, 2008


Or rather, I can’t be bothered. I need a dictaphone because I have important thoughts. Read this post on sexual harassment in the meantime.

This aggression will not stand, man!

May 11, 2008


Above is a music video some guys made in New York in late 2006 to send their friend Tweak off to Egypt, although I get the impression that it’s his apartment, the “Hotel Deluxe”, that they grieved most over. We received custody of him here and he became our friend, and we were pretty blown […]

Spend the Iraq trillions

May 11, 2008


This site allows you to go on a 3 trillion dollar shopping spree – the money spent illegally occupying Iraq and killing Iraqis for no purpose whatsoever. I have spent and spent, healing the environment, potable water for all, end to world hunger, mosquito nets for everyone in Africa, global literacy, free birth control and […]

For El Sab3

May 6, 2008


more at…

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels…for reals

May 3, 2008


On her blog, this woman has related the touching tale of how her and her husband, referred to as Marlboro Man, got together. She describes it as “Green Acres meets Harlequin Romance in my crazy, rip-roarin’ real-life tale of true love. Have a cold shower handy!”I won’t say ah-a! because I never even contemplated for […]