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My very own popular high school snob

April 30, 2007


Before I wrote that exaggerated self-pitying dollop of a last post (I would delete it but that seems emotionally dishonest) I was actually hanging out with a friend. This friend, Little Bubbly, is my oldest remaining friend. I have known her, literally, since birth. We went through all the various milestones together (feeling superior to […]

2 am PMSing

April 28, 2007


From now on, not only will friends be entitled to veto potential significant others, and their vetoes heeded, complete strangers, including internet wackos, will be permitted to weigh in. I am incompetent at selecting them by myself.

I can still be juvenile with the best

April 26, 2007


Monday evening M and I went to the Italian Club, for no particular reason. I was feeling joyful (read: drunk) when I was informed by the waiter that Monday was the only day that the chef who prepared their heavenly apple cake didn’t come. This substance is easily the best thing I have ever placed […]


April 22, 2007


After babbling about it for years and years, I think I am actually getting close to driving. I started taking Cairene driving lessons last week. This was in part brought about by my father, who I cornered into promising to buy me a car the minute I get a license. I employed, probably for the […]

April 14, 2007


What’s green and smells like pork?Kermit’s penis.

Reminder: Stand Up Auditions tomorrow!

April 14, 2007


Stand Up Cairo is reviving the lost art of Egyptian stand up comedy. We will be holding auditions on the April 15 and 16 from 6-10 pm during which talented individual performers will be invited to perform a two minute skit of original material in Arabic or English. We are talking here about classic stand […]

In lieu of currency and originality: the Lazy Law Student’s Guide to Succeeding at Law School

April 11, 2007


I think of this article as my most significant life achievement. I got fan mail. Copyright Obiter Dicta 2006. So, you’ve got your grades back. For upper-years, you’re probably experiencing that usual small twinge of pain. For first-years, this will be a blow from which your self-esteem is unlikely to recover (I know mine hasn’t, […]