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Days 4-6: A bunch of crap

January 16, 2009


Went right off daily blogging suddenly, and now I’ve forgotten a lot of notes I made in my head. My short term memory is generally shot. I should start carrying a notebook around like a journalist or something. Let’s see: shopping copiously accompanied by two friendly African American ladies who giggled and said “Hah” and […]

Pro-harassment rhetoric

June 29, 2008


Can you believe this?The text says: “You can’t stop them, but you can protect yourself. Your creator knows what is best for you.”Via the Arabist.


May 25, 2008


Or rather, I can’t be bothered. I need a dictaphone because I have important thoughts. Read this post on sexual harassment in the meantime.

Flies, honey and vinegar

February 19, 2008


I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, having long established that I’m not going to change anything about myself for calendar-related reasons, if at all. But for some reason that I cannot now recall, I decided some weeks ago that I was going to implement my mother’s religiously motivated maxim, “a gentle answer turns away […]

Shameless pandering

February 12, 2008


Read this seminal post on the peculiarity of communication in Cairo and lack thereof. I feel she has competently described the struggle some of us face reconciling the sparse language and secular directness of a western upbringing/education with the tortuous pleasantries and obsequious fatalism (to my way of thinking) of colloquial Egyptian and its habitual […]

Building barriers

November 26, 2007


***Update: In the interests of clarity I asked around and it transpires that in Egypt, unlike in jurisdictions with which I am more familiar, the Constitution itself does apply to private actors. Article 40 of the Egyptian Constitution states: All citizens are equal before the law. They have equal public rights and duties without discrimination […]

Sunday Single No. 8

November 18, 2007


I have run out of things to blame for how illogical, incompetent and unprofessional everyone in Egypt is – I was torn between whether it was the lack of rule of law or the primitive education system, but what causes those?