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Response required

March 31, 2006


How do ya’ll feel about the new layout?

The Salute

March 30, 2006


The following was my farewell editorial to Osgoode Hall, published this Monday in keeping with our newspaper tradition.I have been looking forward to my farewell article for some time now. But now that it’s here, I’m not as excited, for a few reasons. First, I don’t think that many people read this paper. Two, I […]

Betrayal by pop culture

March 28, 2006


Take-home exams are freaking torture. How is it not nightmare material for an exam not to stop – for two days? And you actually have to run for fifteen minutes to hand it in instead of just raising your hand? It’s an abuse, psychological warfare at its best. So I took a food and TV-watching […]

The Roommate Annals: 1999-2000

March 28, 2006


In my seven years of post secondary education, I have had six roommates, all very different. I like roommates. I get lonely when I live alone, and roommates are certainly preferable to blood relations (my sister, who is a devout Christian, nevertheless has the temper of a sea monster and screams like a banshee quite […]

The life and times of apartment 1210

March 27, 2006


Yesterday shone bright and sunny. My roommate and I were standing around in our living room chatting when I noticed that there were two fat pigeons perched on our balcony rail. Canadian pigeons fill me with a sense of waste, flying free like that, not being eaten. As I looked at them, one flew off […]

Forgive me for this academic/legal sidebar: read this

March 24, 2006


I’d forgotten about this, but my law school publishes the Muslim World Journal of Human Rights. What? Oxymoron, you say? That remains to be seen. I actually interviewed the Managing Editor last year, someone who disconcerted me by turning out to be a woman despite her name, Shadi. I don’t remember any of what she […]

Random TTCness

March 24, 2006


Although I hate public transportation with every fibre, every molecule of my being, I have a soft spot for the 196 Rocket from York University to Downsview subway station. Why? Because everyone on it is young and good looking. All of the other North York buses sport a motley collection of tired black matrons with […]

The Silk Road is for skinny chicks

March 19, 2006


In a burst of consumerist energy, my roommate and I decided to go to Pacific Mall in Markham today. For the uninitiated, Pacific Mall is nowhere near that venerable body of water; it is a massive suburban mall distinguished by the fact that it is entirely Asian. All the food, all the stores, all the […]

Forsoothsayer turns 23, derides Arabophiles

March 14, 2006


Last night I finally yielded to pressure and accompanied my friend S, a belly dancer and dance enthusiast, to an Arabic dance night at Gypsy Co-op on Queen West. Getting dressed, I debated whether to dress in any “themed” manner, but on trying on a red gauzy top with copious gold spangles (yes, I own […]

The Go Between

March 12, 2006


S: Hey, L said to tell you again that his friend you met that time is interested in you still. I told him you were dating M, but he said to try anyway.Me: Dude.S: I know. Me: I mean why would I leave the hot boyfriend I already have for a much less hot one?S: […]