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Call me irresponsible

November 16, 2008


This month, I quit my respectable job as a corporate lawyer, bidding good bye to swivel chairs, bonuses in dollars, and hateful high heels, to work at a magazine where all the chairs are tall and fuzzy and only have one arm, and the toilet is on its own throne-like platform. Instead of hearing “sabah […]

Ornaments to the Bar

May 27, 2008


In an effort to free myself from my internet addiction and do some work so that they don’t fire me, I have been leaving my laptop behind for two days. Within minutes of my arrival at work today I was gasping for google chat, Facebook, and general fucking about. I asked Mystic Mo if I […]

Doing my bit

April 24, 2008


ALTER EGO MAGAZINE wants to expand! We’re looking for An Editor. Someone who has done this before and can write and proofread in English and MUST speak Arabic fluently. Please send us your CV and two non-fiction writing samples of less than 1000 words or a link to your online portfolio to, subject heading […]

Overheard at the Office

April 13, 2008


Girl: Ana ray7a a3mel peepee.Guy: Tab itshatafy kwayes.

March 30, 2008


Sorry for the long absence – it seems that my employers have decided to justify my paycheck, to the detriment of the blog. No signs of it letting up either. Can none of you offer me a job writing? Because it has become clear that corporate law is not for me (not least because my […]

El avocato

October 9, 2007


I recently came a step closer to accepting my fate as an Egyptian corporate lawyer by ordering for myself my own full set of laws – although to appease my conscience I also bought all the criminal laws and personal status laws (which are family law essentially). These are cheap blue volumes published by Al […]

Several foggy days in London town

August 30, 2007


I’m back! All refreshed and energized. It’s nice to come back to a country where summer is actually underway, but I really love London! It really is the pinnacle of cities, especially for a history geek like me. Especially compared to North American cities – I don’t know why the first whiteys didn’t turn back […]