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June 4, 2014


Yes I never wrote parts 2-11 of the trip to London. I overthought it. But I have been ruminating: what if my friend E – she who launched a thousand blog posts in the mid-2000s – is my true muse? Verily, it is so. I betook myself to her particularly beige part of Dokki. It takes […]

Day 7: Sixteen years old

January 18, 2009


It would be nice to sleep during the night. Ever since I took this job, to which I roll in at 1 pm at the earliest, I have inhabited a different night-time world, chiefly distinguished by its different inhabitants: insomniacs, the unemployed, freelancers. I now have friendships that I pursue exclusively from 1 to 4 […]

Day 3 Part II: Special K

January 14, 2009


This vacation is spiralling downhill. Today I spent the evening with my worryingly apathetic and depressed friend the Source, who the financial crisis fucked and who I can’t help. Where the hell are the personal bankruptcy laws of this country? Can someone direct me to them online? Because it sure kills a vacation to worry […]

Day 2: The buckles

January 13, 2009


Yeah, I’m sticking with this painstaking transcription, even though clearly hardly any of the 82 permitted people read the last one. Well, it can just be a diary then.I spent most of the morning with DNA, a man who is so profoundly strange and unusual that I should have felt no surprise when he announced […]

Day 1 of my millionth vacation in Kuwait

January 11, 2009


Kuwait is a hole. A pervasive odour of restlessness and suppressed energy hangs over the whole place. You’d think that the mere lack of alcohol and clubs wouldn’t be such a debilitating handicap for a country, but it certainly feels that way to me, even though I don’t even really drink that heavily or go […]

July 1, 2008


On being urged to join Facebook, my friend T. Shahin announced that there would be no point, because Facebook had been banned in his office. As a result of his request. Yes, he complained about how it affected productivity among his colleagues – really. poll by

Lists and parentheses

June 25, 2008


There are two advantages to being an Egyptian woman, as opposed to an Egyptian man: No compulsory military service. I can think of nothing that I would not do to avoid that, short of self-mutilation. I’ve heard some good tales regarding avoiding conscription from the men of my acquaintance: alleging homosexuality; purchasing African passports; sham-marrying […]