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Where I act like the kind of girl I hate

December 27, 2006


Before the breakup I tried to prepare myself as much as possible for how I would feel afterwards. And gratifyingly, I was right. It’s a small but effective comfort, in the post-breakup blues, to know that you adequately prepared for them. So I itemized all of M’s positive attributes and tried to imagine how their […]

The cheese is coming

December 26, 2006


I have utterly and completely run out of ANYTHING to say that does not concern my breakup with M and subsequent events. I try really hard not to blog about abstract concepts or feelings in general because I simply don’t think I can pull it off without being Bedan Neik, but what else is there […]

Possession is 9/10ths of the law

December 23, 2006


I have a favourite pair of purple fuzzy slippers. These are some of my most precious sartorial possessions, exceeded in value only by my five-way skin-coloured push-up Victoria’s Secret bra and brown houndstooth coat. They have manfully withstood several years of dragging around in such unwelcome environments as snowy courtyards during fire drills, filthy ghetto […]

"Basically – I meant the rule of law!"

December 20, 2006


“Why wouldn’t he move to Toronto? It’s clean and nothing ever gets shoved up your ass…there are lots of good things about Canada!” – said by M earlier today. I laughed out loud. When one lists freedom from anal rape as one of the top two things about a country, it’s probably more of a […]

You would even say it glowed!

December 17, 2006


I’ve just thought of something. You know the reindeer? From the song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? They’re opportunist, kiss-ass bitches. Santa too. They only start acting nice to Rudolph when he does something for them. Before that they called him names and wouldn’t play with him, and Santa didn’t say a thing. What a quintessentially […]

December 16, 2006


The biggest winner so far out of this breakup has unquestionably been my sister. With me spending more time at home on weekends, I have no excuse for not doing chores. So far I have perpetrated the following rare acts: two loads of laundry, the dishes, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning the bathroom. I also […]

December 14, 2006


Don’t feel like blogging these days, much. Personal life is in a state of some turmoil, and nothing else worth blogging is happening. It sucks ass when everyone in one’s Real Life read one’s blog. That, and being Real Friends with bloggers. It’s no longer anonymous. Do you think I could start another more anonymous […]