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Day 3 Part II: Special K

January 14, 2009


This vacation is spiralling downhill. Today I spent the evening with my worryingly apathetic and depressed friend the Source, who the financial crisis fucked and who I can’t help. Where the hell are the personal bankruptcy laws of this country? Can someone direct me to them online? Because it sure kills a vacation to worry […]

Just in case you forgot what this blog is really about

June 12, 2008


I woke up at 5 am one night last week to service my pathetically weak excretory system. Drowsily becoming vertical I made to open the door of my room. It was jammed. I pushed, I pulled, I hung on the knob; I put on my glasses and turned on the light, and for some reason […]

This aggression will not stand, man!

May 11, 2008


Above is a music video some guys made in New York in late 2006 to send their friend Tweak off to Egypt, although I get the impression that it’s his apartment, the “Hotel Deluxe”, that they grieved most over. We received custody of him here and he became our friend, and we were pretty blown […]

Swigging with Scots

February 8, 2008


Another day, another carefully averted hangover. My usual method of doing so is to throw up before I go to bed and take an aspirin; then wake up at 4:30 am and drink way more water and check my mail. I tell you, fool proof. The internet has a therapeutic quality at that hour. The […]

November 26, 2007


I had an extraordinarily strange day today. So disturbing, I can’t even make fun of it. I want to blame it on the jacket I was wearing today…I don’t think Cairo likes that jacket. Today was the first time I’ve worn it here.I’m going to bed. Let it end already.

Jughead is a Pothead….it’s all crockery….

November 23, 2007


Yesterday I was suddenly assailed with unshakable conviction that Jughead was surely a pothead. Yes, even fifties Jughead. The food, the half-closed eyes, the stupid hat, the lack of real interest in women, the absurdness…it’s all there. I came to this realization as I was opening the fridge. more at… I found this on […]

The Vacationer Part 2

October 19, 2007


Although copious bleeding is of course a mark of great celebration, we decided nevertheless that one trip to the ER does not a four day vacation make. A couple of nights later we went to Buddha Bar, which just opened in the Sofitel El Gezira. T. Shahin was fortunately present, preventing further thirdwheelery on my […]