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Maple walnut et al

August 28, 2012


I bought three scented candles today, for the first time ever. (This is because my girly sister left a stockpile of various candles when she moved away and the power cuts depleted them. Then a friend of mine got married and I noticed his apartment started to smell very nice, which he kindly explained was […]

Just in case you forgot what this blog is really about

June 12, 2008


I woke up at 5 am one night last week to service my pathetically weak excretory system. Drowsily becoming vertical I made to open the door of my room. It was jammed. I pushed, I pulled, I hung on the knob; I put on my glasses and turned on the light, and for some reason […]

This aggression will not stand, man!

May 11, 2008


Above is a music video some guys made in New York in late 2006 to send their friend Tweak off to Egypt, although I get the impression that it’s his apartment, the “Hotel Deluxe”, that they grieved most over. We received custody of him here and he became our friend, and we were pretty blown […]

Spend the Iraq trillions

May 11, 2008


This site allows you to go on a 3 trillion dollar shopping spree – the money spent illegally occupying Iraq and killing Iraqis for no purpose whatsoever. I have spent and spent, healing the environment, potable water for all, end to world hunger, mosquito nets for everyone in Africa, global literacy, free birth control and […]

Retro: January 2008 (to Tide you over…)

April 29, 2008


When I was in university, I decided along with approximately 47,138,768 other girls that my life should be exactly like the show Sex and the City. I whisked away such minor discrepancies as a fifteen-year age difference between the protagonists and I, and the impossibility of any of the show’s characters affording their lifestyles on […]

March 20, 2008


This is the cartoon they use for me in Campus Magazine. The editor had provided the cartoonist with several pictures of me and we were both baffled when he produced a cartoon with corn rows or something, a look I have never sported. In response to our remarks he came up with the above. I […]

Enormously belated Halloween revelries

November 16, 2007


Finally the haze of work has lifted and rather than commit secretarycide I will recount what actually did go down on Halloween, aeons ago. I know you’ve been biting your nails in anxiety over not knowing events of such import. So I actually did go to my Halloween party as Mia Wallace. In my quest […]