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Retro: January 2008 (to Tide you over…)

April 29, 2008


When I was in university, I decided along with approximately 47,138,768 other girls that my life should be exactly like the show Sex and the City. I whisked away such minor discrepancies as a fifteen-year age difference between the protagonists and I, and the impossibility of any of the show’s characters affording their lifestyles on […]

El Khan – not just a tourist trap anymore

April 29, 2008


Check it out at the Daily News! See some of his other cartoons here.

Doing my bit

April 24, 2008


ALTER EGO MAGAZINE wants to expand! We’re looking for An Editor. Someone who has done this before and can write and proofread in English and MUST speak Arabic fluently. Please send us your CV and two non-fiction writing samples of less than 1000 words or a link to your online portfolio to, subject heading […]

One million signatures for a law against sexual harassment

April 22, 2008


يطلق المركز المصري لحقوق المرأة حملة واسعة من أجل قانون يحمي النساء من التحرش الجنسي . تعد حملة ” المليون توقيع لسن قانون يجرم التحرش الجنسي” جزءاً من حملة أكبر هي حملة شارع آمن للجميع التي بدأت عام 2005 استجابة للعديد من الشكاوى من نساء مصريات وأجنبيات يتعرضن للتحرش.الجنسي في الشارع المصري…. تضامن معنا لكي […]

Ahhnold the Bold

April 21, 2008


So it actually happened – unexpectedly, an “eligible” dude asked me out. Conveying this information to various friends and associates only led to repetitions of the question, “By eligible, you mean he’s Christian and has hair?”, a level of uniformity which has compelled me to conclude that I really need to get some new conversation […]

You know you’ve left laundry on the line too long when…

April 19, 2008


…you pick up a clothes peg and there is a large spider dangling from it on a silk thread. The spider scoots back up on the thread and climbs up onto the peg and you look at each other for a while. You snap out of it and pick up a fragrant shoe of your […]

Overheard at the Office

April 13, 2008


Girl: Ana ray7a a3mel peepee.Guy: Tab itshatafy kwayes.

I interrupt needless self-pity to bring you…

April 7, 2008


Links about the April 6 strike. All-out battle has been joined.Up-to-date coverage from Hossam El HamalawyThe April 6 blogReflections on how shit is just fucked up If anyone can think of any way I can help, let me know.

Fuck this shit

April 6, 2008


Kos om di 3eesha. Am taking some time off blogging – I feel stupid, small and demoralized.

Smug Elitist Shits

April 6, 2008


All I ask is that you read the repugnant post on today’s strike on Scene and Heard. Let them know what you think of their condescending “solidarity” and fear-mongering.