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Sits outdoors, that’s right!

December 30, 2005


When any young people of a certain amount of privilege get together in Kuwait, their talk is all of how they can get the hell out of Kuwait. It always comes down to: but we can’t make any money anywhere else in the Arab world! And they don’t want us in the Western world. So […]

Can I get a Koot, Koot?

December 26, 2005


Well, well, well. I’ve had an eventful few days by my standards. I should preface this by saying I missed my flight back to Kuwait due to the glaring incompetence of Royal Taxi. ONE HOUR I waited. In the end they didn’t even come and I took a Beck Taxi. Those fuckers, Royal. I screamed […]

December 20, 2005


So we’re sitting in the library busily tapping and highlighting away in our little booths, when two guys came in and started carting away all the cubicles and chairs near us. We watched them mesmerized, hoping that they’ll cart ours away thus creating a solid excuse for not studying (“they took away our chairs, professor!”) […]

Gummi Porn

December 15, 2005


J: Look, if I squeeze them together it totally looks like they’re getting it on.Me: you’re going to be a real ornament to the Bar.J: I think that’s exactly what you said when I did this last year.Me: You’ve done this before?!

Give it up for the Canadian Criminal Code

December 11, 2005


447. (1) Every one who builds, makes, maintains or keeps a cockpit on premises that he owns or occupies, or allows a cockpit to be built, made, maintained or kept on such premises is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.Confiscation(2) A peace officer who finds cocks in a cockpit or on premises where […]

Libing it up

December 9, 2005


As expected, a double cheeseburger and fries has made the world a far rosier place. Now that I can open my mouth fully, I’ve been ordering tall foods just so I can cram them in there. I would have never ordered a double before.As my friends (known as the Peer Pressure for Excellence group) were […]

Get your self-pity here!

December 8, 2005


I guess I should have stipulated that the editorial about my parents is FUNNY. There are absolutely no thoughtful observations in there. Read it. A couple days ago I was in court, for a real case this time. After the family court volunteering gig wrapped up for the semester, I volunteered to do some criminal […]