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Funniness declines

September 27, 2005


Our retarded landlord dragged our ass out of bed this morning (almost literally) to come sign his stupid lease. When all we want is to get out of the apartment anyway. So while I was there this Jamaican couple came in and threw an absolutely enormous fit, declaring that the reason their application for an […]


September 23, 2005


Let the record show that I in fact conducted a brilliant direct examination of a real police officer during Trial Practice on Tuesday night. I have to publicize this because four instructors said I was good and I generally suck at all law-related pursuits. However, during that selfsame class I was sitting listening to the […]

I heard it with my own two ears

September 14, 2005


I was on a public bus today and got up to let an old woman with short white hair and a cane sit down. I was actually made to get up and seat her by this Filipino woman who sat down next to her. After a while the old woman said to the Filipina, who […]

annoying orange twat

September 13, 2005


Am in immigration law class. To my far left is this freaking annoying Russian chick who simply will not shut up. She’s in another of my classes and she’s a huge know it all and her accent arouses in me a deep desire to punch her in the nose and watch the blood flow down […]

The London Blog

September 11, 2005


My totally cool and utterly soulmatey friend J.C. and I went to London, Ontario yesterday to – of all things – go to a medical school party with her friend. It transpires that there is a longstanding Western Med tradition that the second years throw an orientation party for the first years, which the third […]

Back-to-school blues

September 7, 2005


I know, I have never been able to write a title. This is pretty distressing after three straight years working on the law school newspaper. Yesterday was the first day of the semester. It was actually…unawful, although the air was filled with the hubbub of third years’ discontent. It’s also way too sunny outside for […]

In Western parts….

September 6, 2005


I haven’t blogged about the fascinating things that have been occurring lately due to having no internet at my new apartment. In surprisingly third-worldian fashion, they’re can only come set it up on the 22nd, and the telephone on the 4th of October! I bet they get better service in villages in Nepal. I really […]