boo, Kuwait

Posted on May 8, 2005


I have done pretty much nothing since I got here, except hang out with my parents. Who I have to say are pretty cool…today I laughed so much at something my dad said I nearly fell off my chair in a restaurant. But so far the highlight has been implementing stage one of the Giant Depilation Plan. Today, this involves eyebrows and upper lip.
I sat down in the salon chair and started to watch what seemed to be “Indian Idol” over the woman’s shoulder. She ran her hand over my hair and suggested in pidgin Kuwaiti-Hindi that I should get a hot oil treatment. I muttered something about how I was planning to. I really don’t think that hair care professionals should comment negatively on any of your parts, particularly if that’s not what you came to get done!
The eyebrows proved to be in such an advanced stage of growth that the woman had to call in reinforcements. The two of them stepped aside and did a whole lot of pointing and conferring in Hindi. Most of the time you can just pluck eyebrows right away but clearly mine needed a concerted attack plan. They kept stepping back and commenting on the progress made. I tried to keep my eyes on the TV, where some people with skins of unlikely pale shades were cavorting with tubes of toothpaste. You had to look real hard to figure out that they were in fact Indian. The pain was pretty bad, and I thought I was doing a great job of concealing my desire to punch the woman in the face when she asked sympathetically if I wanted to hit her. I smiled politely but declined to.