The Go Between

Posted on March 12, 2006


S: Hey, L said to tell you again that his friend you met that time is interested in you still. I told him you were dating M, but he said to try anyway.
Me: Dude.
S: I know.
Me: I mean why would I leave the hot boyfriend I already have for a much less hot one?
S: Yeah but L thinks you guys are, like, made for each other or something. Apparently you have a lot in common.
Me: I barely remember the guy. All I remember was making polite chatter with three brown guys.
S: Were they brown?
Me: You have got to start being able to tell brown people. You’re brown.
S: Was there three anyway? I thought there was two.
Me: Who knows. Which one was it anyway…was it the fat one?
S: Weren’t they both kind of…
Me: Yeah…So I’m supposed to be interested in a guy who barely impacted on my consciousness?!
S: Well you could have…fun.
Me: So I have the hot boyfriend, and I’m supposed to cheat on him with the ugly guy?
S: Good point. Let’s see if Sex and the City is on.