Random TTCness

Posted on March 24, 2006


Although I hate public transportation with every fibre, every molecule of my being, I have a soft spot for the 196 Rocket from York University to Downsview subway station. Why? Because everyone on it is young and good looking. All of the other North York buses sport a motley collection of tired black matrons with shopping bags, baby mamas, insanely loud elementary school kids who smash into you, and middle aged, lewd Indian guys (as you can see I’ve undertaken a thorough survey).
Anyway the other day I had secured an enviable seat and was reading my novel when a guy sat down beside me, squishing himself in. To my surprise he apologized: “Sorry I’m so fat.”
“That’s okay,” I said, and went back to my book. After a few minutes I became aware that he was reading over my shoulder instead of reading his own book, which remained open on his lap. Catching my eye he said in a Slavic accent, “Is za book abawt luff?” By sheer, unprecedented coincidence it was not, but I can see how he thought so since it was pink.
“No, it’s about friendship,” I said.
“Do you haff menny friends?” he continued just as if this was a normal bus exchange between strangers.
“Nope,” I said firmly.
“It is hard to have close friends,” he continued sympathetically.
Evidently my firmness had not ended the conversation. “Yes, especially in this country.” For some reason he seemed oddly satisfied with this and finally went back to his book. We read companionably for the rest of the way.

Sorry, nothing more interesting is happening to me. I’ve been to the gym twice though.

note: the TTC is the Toronto Transit Commission.