The life and times of apartment 1210

Posted on March 27, 2006


Yesterday shone bright and sunny. My roommate and I were standing around in our living room chatting when I noticed that there were two fat pigeons perched on our balcony rail. Canadian pigeons fill me with a sense of waste, flying free like that, not being eaten. As I looked at them, one flew off the railing and slammed into our glass balcony door with a resounding thump. Instead of flopping to the ground (when I would have captured and eaten it) it bounced right off the door and flew back onto the railing. What a moronic pigeon. It’s not like we keep our glass doors clean or anything.
I was in the bathroom undressing to get into the shower when the apartment loudspeaker came on, saying something about a fire. I stood and thought about it – I really didn’t feel like putting my clothes back on and going downstairs and shit. I’ve done that one too many times and fluffy slippers are not the ideal footwear for climbing twelve flights of stairs. Besides, the fire was on the eighth floor and I figured that was a good distance away. And wouldn’t the shower be the safest place for me anyway? So I got in.
When I was done I opened the door cautiously and stuck my head out. No sign of smoke. My roommate was, as usual, prone on the couch where I left her. We’d both rather burn to death than put on like, shoes, or anything.
Well, I have a take home exam to do. Blog you in two days!
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