Posted on September 2, 2007


Some days ago we were over at a friend’s place (let’s call him Rocker Broker Guy) and we decided to order food. After I gave him my order I said “and you remember what the most important thing is, right?” “Lots of ketchup,” he parroted. He is well familiar with my disgusting eating habits.

“Right. You’re so tweet!” And I may have patted him on the head.

He made the order and told them we wanted at least 10 packets of ketchup. Being a finance dude (or merely an Egyptian) he knew enough not to leave “lots” up to their discretion. When the food arrived there was not even one packet in the bag. This didn’t surprise me, but it outraged Rocker Broker Guy, who is prone to fit of righteous indignation, somewhat unpredictably. He actually called them up and said: “Ana lamma kalemtoko talabt ketchup zeyada we maba3atoosh wala packet ketchup. Ommal law makntish olt zeyada konto hateego takhdoo ketchup min beity wala eh?” We fell about laughing (there were also several snorts)…although actually, in retrospect it seems like the kind of thing which is only funny under the influence…