Posted on October 11, 2007


The searchwords that lead people to my blog are always mildly amusing (the shemale post brought me many hits) but today a real doozy was offered: someone googled “muslims putting corks in their butts”.
Hmm. I can’t say that, to my knowledge, Muslims put corks up their behinds more than other people do. And for what purpose would that be? Probably, the googler asked to do some Muslim person up the butt, and for fear of offending the Muslim person said he or she had to keep their butts plugged up as part of some religious rite. Good one.
That, or they ARE putting corks up their butts, and I just haven’t heard about it. Anyone know anything about this? Anyone with a rather smelly collection of corks?

Update: Someone at General Electric in Fairfield, Connecticut just googled “muslims corks butts” again!

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